Moranarchitect | St James’s Square, Bath

St James’s Square, Bath

The house is a Grade I listed terrace in one of Bath’s most elegant Georgian squares. The client wished to replace a poor quality existing conservatory with a more generous and contemporary one that would connect more effectively with the ground floor living spaces.

From the outset the development of the design was informed by the need to make a convincing conservation case to show that the listed building would not be harmed. The strategy adopted was to use the removal of the existing conservatory as an opportunity to better reveal the existing building form.

To do this the transparency of the conservatory glazing has been maximised by using slimline sliding doors. The stonework within the new conservatory is to be exposed so that the form of the original building reads through the new addition. Similarly the new stair and landing connecting the conservatory to the kitchen is to be made in structural glass so as to make manifest the old and the new.

The conservatory roof is partially solid so as to mitigate solar overheating and glare in the summer months. Ventilation is provided by opening vents in the flank facing a narrow gap along the party wall.